Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Pro

Theme by HollowBattousai

This theme was requested by Senya Saigyouji, the icons are designed after the game’s trophy list. Enjoy πŸ˜€

A static version is also on the way which will include HD and SD backgrounds.
Download Here

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@Najim – Check the INSTALL tab at the top of this page.


It does’t work for me :(, it scans the USB then says no themes found!!!!


Can I request for a Neptune theme? Please?


@Senya Saigyouji: Hi there! Well, my old logical processors are working well enough to allow me to speak and write without errors πŸ˜› so let’s say I’m quite fine for now… thanks! And what about you? I didn’t see you around here lately. Yeah, agony… that’s just the right word! Anyway, I also have to admit that the fact that PS3 is region free makes things less bad than before: during the PS2 era, we had to wait up to 6/10 months (if not even 1 year or more) for a game to be converted and released for the PAL… Read more »

Senya Saigyouji

Well there’s a name I haven’t seen in a while! How have you been?

My situation’s a lot similar to HollowBattousai actually. I got the last copy of this game according to the GameStop clerk!
I can thank my luck stars there. πŸ˜€

My sympathies with Europe’s delayed game releases man; waiting is pure agony! At least the situation’s not as bad as Australia. I heard they didn’t even get the sequel to the first game imported to their stores, let alone this one!

This game actually came in Europe before the U.S. so that’s different at least…


: LOL… So true, mate! πŸ˜›
Instead, here in Italy, we always have to wait at least a couple of months or even more for a game to be released… πŸ™


: I know what you mean I picked up the first game 5 months after it came out, I got lucky because here NISA games run out fast. I had to look for it on the mall in the next town and got the last copy, all I can say is I got lucky. XD


: Yep, same for me!
I said to myself the very same thing more than once, but then I never did it πŸ˜›
And after a while, I couldn’t remember even what kind of game it was… LOOOL! πŸ˜€


OPTIMUS: Same here, I remember watching the trailers for the first game and I just said to my self ” I have to play that game” lol. XD



Never played this game, but… I always liked its style and the idea on which it is based.
And I really like this theme: you did a great job, mate, and I love the icons!
Absolutely +1! πŸ˜€


sonicdude: Thank you πŸ™‚

uLtRaMa6nEt1c: Thank you, and I’m glad to hear that. took some time but its all worth it. πŸ˜€

Senya Saigyouji: I’m glad you liked it. πŸ˜€ its fine I just made the blog to update on my theme status. I would like for it to be more public but its fine the way it is. XD

Senya Saigyouji

Bravo! I’m going to repost this little bit from my previous comment because it applies to this theme more, and I also like being repetitive. X3
Anyway, you truly outdid yourself for Victory’s theme. DEM ICONS. o_o
They’re, as Neptune describes hard candy, asskickery.
All of my respect. m(_ _)m

By the way, I got the static version of the same theme form your blog, and it’s outstanding. Tis’ a shame your website doesn’t get much traffic. πŸ™


Yo Hollow, I’m lovin’ those icons. Nice work +1


This is so awesome, good job bro!!! πŸ˜€