Big ol’ Booties 3 SSP

Theme by Droopysp

15 wallpaper slideshow of Random chix with big ol’ booties in a facebook style format…Custom everything…13+ content…ENJOY!!!
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yeah sandy was crazy, ive never seen a storm like that.. im in philadelphia, it hit us like a ton of bricks too. bad stuff..


@Ultra really couldnt do testing with slideshows if i get it i get it, but if its off, at least i tried…i think this is one of the best themes i ever made…But future big ol’ bootie themes are gonna b even better thanx for all the downloads and comments everybody @Noble Sandy was the worst hurricane to hit where i live…it did damage…I was outta power for 6 days, and some people are still outta power…lines for gas is like a 2 hour wait…we got it good man google it, and we are getting another bad storm in 2… Read more »


hurricane sandy wasn’t to bad on us but the US that’s a different matter altogether


Thanx everybody…right now im sitting home without power thanx to hurricane sandy since monday…smh


+1 wowzers look at all that a$$!!! its like bootypalooza!! lol. ohh man.. if you ever get into dynamics.. think of all the booty bouncing possibilities here.. lol. slow mo bounce. i respect women for all they do for us, most women deserve respect. us men are perverted only because you ladies are so god damn beautiful. lol. women make life worth livin i tell ya. to all the awsome women out there we salute you. :))


This is real dope. I love the layout of this theme. I imagine a lot of testing went into getting everything lined up with the icons an such. +1


Awesome theme Droopysp.