Babes v.03 HD (Ultra slideshow)

Theme by Lanes8

This is HD only with 17 images voted by you from my blog. I chose the top 17 images out of 40+ which was on a poll on my blog. This being a slideshow version was also voted by you.

As with few of latest themes, the names of the models are better to see if your TV has a zoom effect. As with some past themes, all icons have been re-sized to make images look better. Now I know I’ve used these icons for awhile now, but if you have any suggestions please let me know. Thank you!

As stated before, I won’t accept requests.
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Thank you both and as to you, rickster86, I do have some news on requests on my blog as it would relate to next year.


You do great work! I know you don’t take request but if you ever get around to some slideshow themes it would be sweet to see one of Alessandra Ambrosio and one of Maria Sharapova.

The Cult Of Personality

i see star wars force unleashed, rathect and clank, little big planet, thats about all i can tell. well that women makes those games look good!!!1