Anime Halloween Pro #2

Theme by HollowBattousai

Anime Halloween theme part 2, Enjoy!

Thanks to GlowBall for the great tools used on this theme!
Download Here

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i love anime ( ̄(エ) ̄)

this is great job bitches!!!!!! 凸(¬‿¬)凸


: actually my satellite provider gave us a 2 week trail on some channels and one of them was called HUB, that channel has all the great 80’s and 90’s TV shows all day. I watched alf a few times and man I know what you mean.


no problem hope it works for you,its a very cool movie maybe we will see a george washington vs the lycans lol ps have you been watching alf,he never gets old & its cool to actually understand all the comedy you could’t understand as a child


: I’ll give it a try, thanks. the movie looked good I just didn’t have the time to watch it in theaters.

: no problem, I’ll try to bring the theme out asap, between work and family I have little time to work on themes now days 🙁


Thank You So Much! ^_^


you will be surprised on just how good the movie is as for your missing avatar i had same problem before just keep Syncing your avatar with whatever you have word press or whatever it will work soon or later good luck


:Thank you, I’ll add it to my list 😀


Awesome Halloween Theme! Love It! +1. I Was Curious If You Could Make A Gaara Pro Theme For All Of The Gaara Fans Out There! (Like Myself) Lol. I Really Hope You Would Consider Making One! I’m A Huge Fan Of All Your Other Themes Including This One. Hope You Have A Great Halloween Bro!


: Nice, would be on the lookout for it 😀

hmmm. my avatar seems to be missing on my previous post and on this one.


you are going to love it,its a very good movie,worth having on any collection & its finally coming to dvd tomorrow


Jaydee1003: Thank you 😀


really awesome Halloween anime themes! +1 for both great job! keep up the great work 🙂


: not yet 🙁 I been wanting to watch it 😀

: glad you like it 😀


great theme man…anime and Halloween= a download must


HollowBattousai cool thx btw have you seen Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter 2012 it so amazing can’t wait to get it on dvd ^_^


: No problem 😀


omg i can’t believe i forgot thanksgivig considering it around the corner soon that is cool news thanks for the heads up looking forward to your ssp & thank for answering back


: thank you, glad you liked this theme 😀

: Thank you 😀

: Thanks a lot bro, I’m glad you liked it 😀

: Glad to hear that and thank you :D, I’m also planing one one for Thanksgiving if I can get some wallpapers, and Christmas. 🙂


sweet pumpkin pie you made two halloween anime ssp thank you kindly i will keep it on for our family halloween party awesome its so cool 5/5 & two full bags of candy ^_^ thanks for taking the time to make them


Thanks man I like it 🙂


Great job, mate: +1!

Trick or treat! 😀


Man you really are the the best when it comes to anime themes +10 lol Glowball too i don’t think anyone can top you two on this site great job as always