Felicia Day

Theme by patswayze

As usual from me its 16 HD & 16 SD simple single image backgrounds.

(*meaning not compilations or done up in photoshop in an odd manner. Just a single high quality pic cropped to 1080p res)

The icons are mainly generic black/white but the main Icons (the ones on the top) are The Guild themed icons I made from Felicia Day’s guild comic.

If youre familiar with the show you’ll know who the characters are (Vork, Zaboo, Bladezz etc).

That pretty much covers it, feel free to comment/rate or just download and enjoy!

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Great theme i just dont like the icons. Can u make one with professional icons(normal ones of the original form the air-brush theme)

And can u make one with catherine zeta jones?


Great theme! Love Felicia Day.