Sarah Shahi HD & SD

Theme by thexodus

5 Hot backgrounds of Sarah Shahi!
SD&HD included.

Updated: added another background, fixed preview(which didn’t include icons).
Download Here

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you gotta make more od her dude sexy n exotic looking.


There’s a tool you can use: go see my reply in the forum.


Apparently there is a compiler from sony that allows you to set specific times for each background to appear. In the article they were talking about setting each background to appear every hour or so. There is a theme from S-Mobile, a premium theme through the sony playstation store called 40’2 WWII Premium pinups theme and it changes backgrounds every 7 seconds! I have my doubts that they are using the date and time method. Also, the background don’t seem to cycle in a specific order but more randomly. I so wish I could copy this theme out of the… Read more »


Oh! Which compiler? Maybe I can help…

P.S. Welcome aboard! 😀


Thanks! It is indeed my first theme. I’ve found some info, but not taken it any further yet. I’ve got to learn a new compiler first.


Hey, you’re the guy who asked for that XML stuff, right? Did you solve the problem?

Is this your 1st theme? Not bad!