Vinyl Disc Animated

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 Vinyl Disc Animated. Icons made by Yogosan so all the credit for the icons to him. The theme have custom sound to. This theme is perfect if you are listening music in the PS3.
For the best experience possible please drop the backgrounds brightness. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — I recommend -2 or -3.

Enjoy !
Download Here

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thx & good job


nice theme, very nice


good site


@LuizBRA Thanks for your comments and appreciation of the themes, thats words mean a lot to me. I’m very happy and is nice to know went are people like you that is gratefull for what is given here. 🙂


I love all your themes


@nvabeach2 if I have time I will do it for the upcoming rayman game that will be release soon 🙂


, i was wondering, is it at all possible for you to create a rayman dynamic theme?
Pardon my asking for such, i’m just a major fan. :]
Great job by the way.


@-.- StEpS Thank you for offering your help bro, but I found a very good quality video clip for the thema. The theme is finished, here is the video preview : Hope you like it. Only I can say is thanks for the idea and you are right the theme looks perfect for an animated theme and the quality don’t matter or is not important in this theme because the factor of glitches and the video that looks old make it a perfect animated theme. Today I uploaded the theme so in a few days will be available here… Read more »


oh yeah, i forgot to ask if you have a good quality clip from the ring , if you need better quality i have the dvd , just let me know.


oh yeah , the ring has some awsome scenes , i also checked out a bunch of movies but the best scene i found so far is the glitching ghost scene from blair witch part 2. if you want i can send it to you, but i think the scene you found is better , i can already picture how cool it will look , good luck working on it and thanks


StEpS Hey, Finally I have the perfect video for your idea for a theme with a short movie clip that looks old with a ghost and glitches in the video, from the movie the Ring. I will start the theme tomorrow so I hope in a few days will be finished. Thanks for the idea 🙂

toxic soon will be working in your idea from Jessica Albas 🙂


Faxtron : nice one mate, loving your themes, done a few myself but it’s the time that I don’t have 🙁


toxic Its a good idea, but for doing this one I have to wait for the Glowball tutorial, because the video is la little longer so I need to use 102 frames to create the theme using the Jessica Albas sexy dance. But I like the idea you know I want to do this one a MDT with an other video in the same theme for example from Rose Mcgowan from Planet Terror movie. Thanks for the idea, is in my list of the other themes that I will create soon.


Thanks bro ! Good to know that you like it 🙂


Love it!


What about a them with Jessica Alba, the scene from Sin City where she is dancing 😉 yeeehaa!


i will check my movie collection, i think 13 ghosts or possibly ghost ship might have a cool scene in it. i will let you know if i find something worth using. if anyone else can think of a movie that has that type of feel let me know because i might have it on dvd. i just have so many movies i cant remember which one has the scene that i have in my mind.


@StEpS Thanks for your appreciation for the theme 🙂 And you are right the video looks old, you know the “factor” of the low quality issue and the frames that are made to look old make it good for recreate a animated theme more adapted to the time and looks perfect for those old days to which it belongs (80s), that was the idea for this theme. Ohh man I like your idea to make one theme in black and white whit a ghost and I imagine it with glitches in the screen. This theme if I can create it… Read more »


Thanks mate 🙂 You are right those icons from Yogosan make the theme more of his time (80s). What can I say I choose those set of icons, because are beautiful and make a perfect match for this theme. BTW : Thanks to Yogosan for create the set of icons.


This is my favorite video theme, it looks so good i think because it looks like an old film video, so the quality doesn’t have to be hd to look amazing, i think you are on to something really cool. if you can, i dont know how, or if its possible, could you do an old style film black and white video of a ghost glitching around the screen? now that i typed it out, it sounds like it would be really hard to do, if its even possible, but man would that be totally kickass or what. Anyways, thanks… Read more »


Looooool! Veeery nice theme, mate!
And you did a very good choice by using Yogosan’s icons: everything’s so divinely 80’s… 😀
The good old vynil will never die! 😉

Great job, my friend! 😀


amazing theme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!