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Dynamic Kiss Theme

Theme by MAD Customs

Started Making this theme for my dad about a year ago, who wanted a Kiss theme for his PS3. Finally got around to making it, and I went all out!!

This is a Dynamic Kiss theme (HD Support) I put a lot of time into and is VERY cool. Although this is not as popular as other Gaming themes, for the few hardcore fans you will LOVE this theme!

There are still some icons that are not filled, because I want YOUR input, the KISS fans, on what should be placed there for the best and one of the only Kiss themes out there!

Enjoy! (From an underground creator : MAD)

Version 1.2 is now live!

What’s in v1.2?
-Well.. A handful of awesome icons have been added, to make the theme rock even more than before!
-Some icons have been moved to places that make more sense.
-Fixes have been made to a few icons.
Download Here

4 thoughts on “Dynamic Kiss Theme

  1. Awesome theme!Thank you and very good attention to detail especially with the 70’s KISS label.As for a iconic icon should be the Swan Song label that appeared on there albums would be very cool.

  2. Hey,as a life long KISS fan.. i of course love this.. But i wish that Eric Carr (the fox) would be on it somewhere.. but good job!

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