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Transformers 4 Ultra Slideshow

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c


8 Backgrounds. All drastically altered by me to fit the screen better. Thus creating 8 totally unique backgrounds only found in this theme.

1 sound (optionmenu) – A digital representation of the classic transforming sound.

Icons made by me to resemble logo.

The official emblem logo for the movie uses a Decepticon symbol. I used that concept for the main row icons, but with an Autobot symbol instead. It makes sense that way πŸ™‚
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21 thoughts on “Transformers 4 Ultra Slideshow

  1. @ThugKnight – Thanks dude πŸ™‚

    This movie is actually my 2nd favorite. TF1 is the best of course. TF2 is THE WORST easily. There are too many ‘wrongs’ in that one. The 3rd one was cool. I still enjoyed all of them though. I go to these movies only expecting tons of CG robot action. I don’t care much about the acting.
    F*ck Shai LaDouche. Let Megan play with Turtles. I want to see Transformers in space. Find Optimus, Star Scream, The Creators (Quintessons?) and… you know who πŸ˜‰

  2. Excellent Theme but OK movie I finally saw it I can’t even describe how cheesy the lines were among the actors in this movie and it’s suppose to be a blockbuster movie all together. The acting among all the actors was so bad but all the action scenes were excellent and it being in 3D that was amazing. Good thing out of all this was that it is confirmed that they are doing a Transformers 5 and shila and megan are rumored to be back in this one and it’s suppose to come out around 2016 or 2017. I miss the chemistry out of both them cause out of all the 4 movies that are currently out the first 2 were my favorate.

  3. what r u talking about i nvr miss anything on here i’m talking about u adding the sound as well lol u didn’t do that 4 the last 1 which i was hoping u did but u did it now so good job & different pics too

  4. from the sounds of it, its what i was hoping for,
    i mean, i never had a problem with explosions.
    it hasto be BRUTAL. DARK. there should be a SMALL spot of humor but NOT half of the movie
    MEGA VIOLENCE, optimus prime should go TOTAL MANIAC* killing decipticons.. all of the autobots should go insane violence because the other movies wher like a ‘getting to know you’ stage for the younger gen. now its passed that
    and the only progression in the series is straight WAR..

  5. @doom – Transformers Age of Extinction is REAL DOPE. Especially in 3D.
    You can’t go into these movies preparing to nitpick every detail and complain about explosions. THIS IS A BLOCKBUSTER. It was very appropriate of me to go see it on the 4th of July πŸ™‚
    It’s what you would expect, but with less humor and a darker tone. Nearly 3 hours of robot demolition – awesome. Great characters too. A very blurry line between who or what is good or evil.
    You know what else? DINOBOTS! F*ckin’ crazy.
    Me and my son thoroughly enjoyed ourselves πŸ˜€

  6. im afraid of seeing this movie, i want to feel like this movie is going to have CRAZY AWSOME moments, im afraid of it not being scripted right,
    you gotta think on one hand mark wallburg has been in some kick ass movies so far, he is a pretty good actor. im just constantly thinking about transformers3 and how shyla deutsche messed it up, i really just wish someone else took that role in all 3 movies. and the megan fox tramp played a big hand in screwing up the story too. they should have used worthy actors from the get go. the fact that they both screwed up is probably why megan fox is a fart in the wind and the other dork is running around yelling at homeless people and wearing a paper bag on his head with writing on the front of it that says “NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE”

    i just hope this new movie is done good
    thats all. +1

  7. i’mma show you something that’s promotional just kidding anyway Bumblebee’s new car form might be a little but not him & i already know you make themes kind of the reason i’m here lol

  8. @Serina Harper – There wasn’t a lot of promotional material for this movie. There was some concept art, some screenshots, and a stupid looking Bumblebee pic, but I don’t like to just put a mess of pictures together. I make ‘themes’. I

  9. too bad you didn’t add the other AutoBots & more the of Humans & have Optimus Prime saying AutoBots Rollout but hey others cand be done that way lol other themes

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