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It was requested so i threw one together, if there are any issues with it please leave a comment and i will fix them and upload it again.
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I’m working on one now but the icons will be limited probably. Just the main rows at the top.


could u please do one with dean and sam cool backgrounds and supernatural icons ? thanks


I’m making, check my other themes, search for Jhodad


the best anf the hottest show on tv : P


its 1 of the better ones ive seen of supernatural plz make more


None taken thrust me on that lol, as i have said it was put together quickly, regarding the artwork it very hard to find good pictures pictures in a large enough format to put in there. I will be updating this when i find better ones.

HomeLand Numnuts

While I really enjoy the show this seemed to be thrown together in 1 minute … sorry but I think this was badly done.. Hopefully in the future there will be far mure user friendly icons, backrounds that show real initiative and a personality that shows on the artwork… I give 3.8 out of 10.0 but dont feel bad the best I have given has been 6.3.. Thanks for your time