Paranormal Activity Animated Fixed Update 2

Theme by Seclairty31

This is another update (the 3rd) for Paranormal activity it should work better now
Paranormal activity
A dynamic theme i created from the movie paranormal activity

the icons are from “BlueLite” by SoloSevens
Download Here


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Work great


I just update this theme again and uploaded the new version. For those of you who don’t want to wait for it to get added on this site it can be found here paranormal activity fixed update 3




I just released the 4.0updated version of this theme so it should be up for download within 5-7 days


nevermind the new firmware is wierd for some reason it won’t allow more than 90 images regardless of file size


the new firmware allows for 11 MB of images, I just tested it


thanks but the animated themes created with 15 or 34 frames works fine. The only ones stop running was the animated themes created with 100+ frames.



I Dont Know If This Helps But Ur Rayman Animated Theme Still Works Since The New PS3 Update


faxtron thanks, I’m still not done yet, I have more ideas on how to fix this theme but i need to know the maximum amount of frames that can be used with the new firmware update. Is it more than 34? around 70 would be nice (:


Sorry but the theme still not working with the new update 4.0 🙁


Please try out the theme following this link and tell me if it works, the theme is called yoko2, (it is not a finalized theme, I’m just doing this to figure things out)
P.S. I don’t want to update the firmware to test it out and loose the use of my animated themes


can you fix the two saints row 3 theme i requested this stupid fw doesnt let it work.


the new PS3 system update(4.00) wont let dynamic themes runs it just goes to the systems default theme. though the slide show themes do work


I have posted a reply for you it’s a bit long lol 🙂


Thanks, I’ve noticed you are sort of the guru of themes around here and I’m wondering if you noticed the new topic I made in the forums. I was wondering if it is possible to put a delay on certain images (ex: anim_length = 2.0) in a animated theme while letting the other images play at their usual speed (anim_length = 0.1). So the framerate alternates in the same theme. I’m not sure if I’m writing this in a way thats understandable “/ ?


Nice theme fella thanks 🙂

BTW you have to put the vidoe link in the theme description when you upload the theme.

Nice icons from SoloSevens thanks also mate 🙂


I was hoping my last comment would become a video preview because when I just typed the url in the forums a video preview box popped up, oh well… Faxtron thanks, I’ll do that next time.

Paranormal Activity Animated –


nice themes ur da best!!! tnx!!!


Only you have to put the link address in the theme description and the “uploader” here in PS3-Themes will add the video in the description for you.


the theme can be scene here Paranormak Activity

I don’t understand how to get a video preview for my themes to show up on this site, (I put a hyper link in the description but nothing showed up) does any one else know how?