Man Of Steel Dynamic Theme 2

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

UPDATE: Resized settings icons and card/usb input icons

Made with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and DP Animation Maker.

*Superman moves in sort of a horizontal ’8? pattern to simulate flying.
*Superman’s cape is waving.
*Cityscape rolls upward to support the illusion of Superman flying.
*Light emanating from horizon is subtly pulsating.
*Flare grows and shrinks according to Superman’s movement.

Icons made to resemble Superman’s suit texture.
1 sound – optionmenu (cape flapping)

Link to Multi-Dynamic version (both themes in one)

Updated direct link in the comments below.
Download Here


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download it on your ps3 work better


hey , ive downloaded the man of steel theme, i copied it on to usb and inserted it into ps3 and when i go into themes and install from usb nothing comes up y ??????


One of the best unpaid themes I have come across. Excellent and Well done! Exceeds 5 stars!


Here is an updated link to the Multi Dynamic version:


Yeah. They are very minor changes. I noticed that when you put the icons in a case you have to make the settings icons smaller because the XMB makes them bigger. The same thing with the card/usb input icons, but they have to be a little bigger han the settings icons. I’m a psycho:D I also added the Game folders icons, but they didn’t do what I expected. I put parental restrictions on my PS3 and it replaces the game pics with default folders. I thought thats what the Game folders were for, but nothing happened there.


I don’t get what was wrong with the settings icons why the resize were they just a little too big or what?


Amazing movie and an amazing theme thank u ultra


@Serina Harper – I’ma check it out next week. It’s been getting mixed reviews, but I’m still psyched to see it.


your welcome 🙂 i love it so much & the movie too was EPIC


@mr_foxx, rodriguez.bryan492, and Serina Harper – Thank you.


Super 🙂




well done sir!!


Thanks guys.
Funny thing is I wasn’t going to do this one because I couldn’t figure out how to make the city look like it was rolling back. I’m glad I didn’t give up 😀


i like this one way better +1 but im downloading the mdt lol

mrj QQQ

I went with the MDT + 1


Thanks 😉

mrj QQQ

ahhhhh man these weren’t up this morning before I left for work, so I will have to wait all day to get home to see them in full blast . the vid looks great – all tweaked out * Stylin it uLtRa – I like this one better , both are good . Like the Icon work man – cheers