Man Of Steel Dynamic Theme 1

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

UPDATE: Resized settings icons and card/usb input icons

Made with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and DP Animation Maker.

*Superman moves up and down to simulate floating.
*Superman’s cape is waving.
*Flares grow and shrink with changing opacity.

Icons made to resemble Superman’s suit texture.
1 sound – optionmenu (cape flapping)

Link to Multi-Dynamic version (both themes in one)

Updated direct link in the comments below.
Download Here


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How do I get it on my ps3


Here is an updated link to the Multi Dynamic version:


Awesome! This is a top-rate theme. The icons are especially oustanding!


this is cool very clever


Don’t forget to check out the other theme


awesome theme also want know you can make dynamic bruce lee theme


this superman one iz 2 dope tho!!! Good Shit


yo can u make a michael jackson thriller dynamic theme, i would highly appreciate it!!!


@Serina Harper – You could have done it from your PS3. I made sure to put a direct link.


i did but got no laptop or the software to do it lol

mrj QQQ

What I am saying is that it is a nice shot of the PS4 and I have other full shots with the stick and the cam and the system that could be rendered out, also I have individual shots of each as well , just send me the sizes that you want and I will do the render work. If ya like


@Serina Harper – I PM’d you an early copy a week ago. You need to check those sometimes 😀

@mrj QQQ – Yeah I saw that. I spoke to OPTIMUS about it too. Unfortunately I can’t use that if I want to keep it 1080. Plus there are a lot of frames missing in between those shots.

– Thanks.

mrj QQQ

what is with is mediation business ?? I just commented on the link OPTIMUS put up – uLtRa have you seen this ? nice ps4 pics would be GREAT for the PS4 2.0 – I will render any of those pics out for the theme if ya like . Let me know.

mrj QQQ


Hey, guys… look at this!

ohhhhh yeah OPTIMUS – uLtRa have you seen this link? I will render this out for the PS4 THEME or any other one of the images if you want for 2.0 .


finally funny you actually do it before the day of the world premiere you should be thankful i came back cause you were taking way too long lol nice work Ultra


Nice theme and I can’t wait to watch it.


Thanks everyone. Don’t forget to check out the MDT link below 😀


sick! +1


Yes finally its here my friend and thanks both themes are very, very good +1 on this awesome job.


Well, I dunno on which theme to comment. Just this: Best Man of Steel themes out there? I think so.

Also :
So close, yet so far!


Hey, guys… look at this!


Great themes! And the second one is f***ing awesome! +1!


The preview vid is from an early version of these themes. In the part of the vid for THIS theme the cape isn’t a seemless animation. That is fixed in the download and MDT link.