Joker MDT

Theme by Faxtron

Joker Multi Dynamic Theme have 8 diferent backgownd and all of them animated.

Enjoy !
Download Here


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jerdi dangai

man you are the best . everybody download this right now is a masterpiece


BOSS 1ST thanks ! A dynamic theme of God of War 3 is one I’m about to do just that I’m gathering ideas at the moment to achive a great dinamic theme for a great game …:)


great theme love it……ever thought of making a god of war 3 dynamic theme?……


great theme love it……ever thought of making a god of war 3 dynamic theme?….


Oh i forgot to mention the text above the vertically rotating card should be proportionate to the text below the card in size but they should still become bigger and smaller at opposite times imo, just an observation i made


i agree with Yavan, except i think the knife placement is fine the way it is, just make it rotate slower and the theme will be perfect imo πŸ˜‰



Thanks for your observation and suggestion. πŸ˜‰


i really like this its almost perfect but the spinning knife throws it off for me, in my opinion its not very well placed and moves way to fast, other than that its perfect, hopefully you make something similar soon πŸ™‚


Sorry men, it in my upcoming editions will not happen again. I have this concept in my head for weeks and went I saw the animation you use in that theme I said this animation was perfect for this one. But again sorry for that this does not happen again.

BTW : In my case for my animations in my themes if anyone have an idea and the animation in my theme you think its perfect for you’re creation feel free to use it I don’t have problem with that.


I see you have used my PS3hax dynamic theme as a template.

It’s fine to do so but your on your own for future script edits pal.