Little Big Planet 2 PS3 Theme

Theme by =DRSpaceman


After the huge success of my first theme, I thought it was about time I created a new one.
This time around, I chose to base it off the iconography presented in Little Big Planet 2 for the Playstation® 3.
A lot of work went into creating this one, with several revisions being made for the icons themselves.
The icons feel alot more ‘sketchy’ and ‘hand-drawn’, which was the style I was going for.
I hope this one improves on the success of the original, and I hope everyone out there who loves LBP2 for what it is, will equally love this theme I dedicated months of my life to.


– 9 Main icons
– 50 Sub-menu icons
– 3 Wallpapers at both HD (1920×1080) and SD (640×480)

If you like this theme or find something that needs tweaking, feel free to comment below.

Thankyou and Enjoy,
DR Spaceman~
Download Here

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Holy DAMN! This theme is sexy! great job