Iron Man 3 Dynamic Theme 3.0

Theme by Ultron (uLtRaMa6nEt1c & Faxtron)

This is version 3 of Faxtron’s ‘Iron Man 3 Dynamic Theme’.
The original concept and ideas for this theme belong to Faxtron.
All animations and icons were created by uLtRaMa6nEt1c.

Thank you Faxtron for asking me to collaborate with you on this theme. It was an honor. Thank you also for providing me with the techniques to create your signature water effects 🙂

*Water moves with Faxtron’s style
*Water and Iron Man move up & down to add a little realism
*Splashing water against distant land form, Iron Man’s platform and foreground
*Iron Man’s arc reactor turns on & off slightly to simulate malfunctions
*Fire on Iron Man’s chest flickers very subtly (may not be noticeable)
*5 of the Iron Legion fly out the ocean and into the sky continually
*2 of the Iron Legion hover with fire from feet flickering slightly

Icons made to resemble logo
1 Repulsor sound – ‘optionmenu’

Iron Man 3 Multi-Dynamic Theme (2.0 & 3.0)
Download Here


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– check the INSTALL tab at the top of this page.


how do I install this theme on my ps3 please?


great work!


– Thanks. A Pacific Rim Dynamic theme isn’t a bad idea. There’s a super horizontal poster out there that would make a great long slideshow theme. See, i gave that idea away right there, lol.

– Thanks for the comments. I don’t know man. Some people dislike themes because they didn’t like the movie/game it’s associated with maybe. Or maybe since the theme is 1280×720 it doesn’t look as good on 1080p TVs. Maybe they pressed the wrong button. Or possibly they’re just suckaz 😀


So… My question is… Who did you guys piss off enough to actually “Dislike” this theme? Crazy stuff man. Either that or some other artist out there is trying to step on your toes ’cause this is production quality stuff fellas.


fantastic fuckin work

10 stars!!!

any chance we’ll see a pacific rim dynamic theme of this calibur

if Ultron is up for it 🙂

The Cult Of Personality

@Ultra It can be a site to make friends. Thats what im trying to do. All these themes make me wanna talk about games/ movies. Does it not with everybody else? It does me. You havent made some friends. THIS WHOLE SITE IS YOUR FRIEND, lol.

Sorry if i offended you in any way. 🙂


@cult – this is a theme site. If you want help with themes I’ll be glad to help you with intermediate and advanced stuff as I do with everyone else i interact with here. If you want friends go to a site that specializes in that. I’ve EARNED respect here and because of that I’ve made some friends/aquaintances. I’m not ignoring you it’s just that you haven’t asked me any theme related questions. I consider your feedback when I say ‘thanks’ also. I do appreciate it. My priority here is themes. I have nothing against you.

The Cult Of Personality

@Ultra says = yo Cult man, thanks for the +1. Sorry iv been busy lately so i haven”t been able to reply to your pm’s. (replies to pm’s but not to the Cult)
Cult Of Personality says = aw dude, stop thanking me soo much. And thats ok about the pm thing, i can understand your busy all the time. ( finds out you been ignoring me.) Dude wtf.
@Ultra says = (still ignores the Cult)
*complete sarcasm* But your seriously ignoring me. :sadface:


Thanks guys.
Thanks to Jaydee1003 for having us do this version. I had the idea, but I was just gonna let it go.


Just amazing! Each one keeps on getting better. J.A.R.V.I.S. would be proud.

mrj QQQ

What kills me are those that -1 and don’t comment why………not sure what’s not to like here.

The Cult Of Personality


great work dude +1 .. -1??? are you serious??? this theme is epic! some people are just plain haters

people are high these days, i swear.


great work dude +1 .. -1??? are you serious??? this theme is epic! some people are just plain haters

The Cult Of Personality

Now this is the best. This defines the word dynamic.
I don’t care how many versions you make of this, cus this is the BEST!

He needs his mask though& glove.
Still +1


Simply awesome.


Thanks mrj QQQ

mrj QQQ

This is excellent work gentlemen +1