Theme by mrj QQQ

This theme was done as a request by Yoda2Guns.

This theme has 14 HD and 16 SD backgrounds as per the 15mb limit SD pics are smaller in size so those that choose the SD version will get 2 more. As per usual there are a complete set of icons that vary between the various formats of Spider-man, be it Movies, Cartoons, and Comics.

Backgrounds best viewed at -2 to -3.

Download Here (HD)
Download Here (SD)
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The Cult Of Personality

check out my post in genral discussion. What you think of it?

Its moor of a statement but idk how to edit and change the title. dam i wish i could.

mrj QQQ

good thanks

Working on the HULK

The Cult Of Personality

dam your awesome! +1

So how have you been?