Breaking Bad Animated

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 Breaking Bad Animated with custom icons and original sounds. For the best experience possible use on this theme the background brightness -3. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — “-3?. Like always for free I recomend to play with the brighness because some themes looks better with different brightness settings.

Enjoy !
Download Here


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REAL DOPE. Thanks Fax


Yes I can but give some time to traslate the info for you 🙂 I will send you a theme created by this method by PM in the forum 🙂 to give you an idea of what can be achieved by following the tutorial.


You’re right about how hard finding the info is. If it’s possible I would like a translated version of your Spanish info. You can PM me.


Thanks for the luck … You are right is not only difficult to understand at the begining, is a time consuming as you said. I only have success by now with one simple theme with a black background and one sphere rotating 🙁 a simple boring theme for practice a testing. Let see if I can create one more elaborated soon with success. Another hard thing is the info. is not easy to find.


Thanks for the info. I’m actually familiar with a lot of this from GlowBall. I was making an attempt to do the same thing, but it was too time consuming with little successes. I guess there won’t be many themes from you for a while, lol. If you need any help with testing or something like that let me know. Good Luck.


Really need to watch this show,all good things I hear and read about this show.If “Breaking Bad” follow “The Walking Dead” or reverse then I will watch.Question didn’t “Showtime” have this show? Now AMC has it?Great Work “Kingtron” HA!!


@RADZ It’s ok you can give me the info. by PM in the forum and thanks for all your help. About the new method, I’m trying to figure it out how to create a real dynamic theme from scratch. Not making it using “Dynamic Theme Editor”. I have some exclusive info. in PDF in english and other .doc in Spanish that are helping me to figure it out. Yes I have Adobe After Effect. @uLtRaMa6nEt1c Well the new method I’m working on is to create a dynamic theme from scratch. Of course I can give you the info. to how… Read more »


I’m interested in this new method (I’ll be to glad to help if you want it/if I can) and also how the seamless loop is created. Though I have no problems creating loops I am curious. Can I get a piece of this action too?


good thing people still know how to appreciate. the theme maybe jumpy but it can be easily remedied, all you need to do is to create a smooth loop then turn it into video frame. Making themes like this takes time or sometimes days if ur editing icons and sounds so its better to just appreciate the work, if there is something wrong just give some advices that will help the authors to create a better theme ^^


Hey fax what you working on now m8 and whats this new method. Btw i will send you a tutorial on seamless looping i will not post it in forums as i spent weeks trying to find it out and do you have after effects.


Thanks for all your comments and to be so honest about the theme, I like that. What I can say is that not all my themes are for all people taste, you know for the people taste was made the colors. Someone who like something not necessarily have to like the other. I made this theme because I like this TV series a lot that is the reason and is in the season finale. For those who follow the series will understand the purpose of this theme and for those people is created this theme. For the others that don’t… Read more »


i agree, everything was sucky.

im happy someone was honest on here.
there was a BUNCH of shows u could of chose.

a bizare foods dynamic theme wth the basket logo wth the snake and bugs crawling out, man vs food dy theme wth the boxer hitting the sandwich on his other hand.

seriously , or a shark week dy theme wth the sharks swimming around lol

yes i can go on and on but im just putting some ideas out there 🙂

good luck on the next one.


what is this temes a weed on?


This week of themes sux. The 1st theme of yours faxtron that i did not like O well next time im sure thanks anyway -1


@RADZ Nice … How do you do to loop like this. Make a tutorial with your method in the furum for all us here to learn how to make animated themes with better loop secuence. Thanks again for the tip.


Here faxtron take a look at this its not great but i think its smoother looping. The trouble with this was its such a small part of the vid to loop realy a 5 second peice is better to loop any tell me what you think and i will share my method with you :).


@RADZ Thanks mate 🙂 Here is the link to the video :


Nice m8 but the loop is a bit jumpy please send me that video clip and i will try my new looping technique to see if it works on stuff like this if so i will tell you how to do it :).