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Darksiders II Final Version HD

Theme by DemiGod7

The best Darksiders II theme I’ve made yet. Period. Opinions are accepted as always, positive / negative feedback and constructive criticism will help me become better!
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17 thoughts on “Darksiders II Final Version HD

  1. @Mega26 ahh I see, thanks for your opinion! I’ll see what I can do. Also I appreciate the good words!
    I got another question for you. How to change the profile pic?

    (PS3 Themes admin, sorry for turning the comments section in a chat window).

  2. @DemiGod7 UC3 is pretty big since its a PS3 exclusive and is pretty unique in its own way, its got a great storyline (so ive heard) and the multiplayer i heard is pretty epic, played the beta myself so id recommend it if u love third person shooters and multi. Sleeping Dogs is a wonderful game. Driving and combat is fluent and story has depth and keeps surprises coming, i haven’t finished it but i love every minute of it. So i’d prefer Sleeping Dogs but its all up to ur choice in gaming good sir

  3. @2ply, dont worry, im in the same boat as you. I was saving for ages to get the DS II CE. Same and even more with BL2 Ultimate….

    As for UC3, I will pass on the GOTY edition, as in September we get Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and BL2. I today found out that the main storyline is about 8 hours with replay vslue, so I may rent it after all.

    The first Darksiders went on low price pretty quickly. However, seeing how they went all out on the sequel…well, I hope you are patient enough.

    Oh, and thanks for the advice!

  4. DS2 and B2! Damn haha you’re lucky, i’m poor as hell lately and got f’in xmas coming up soon too >.<

    I havn't played Sleeping Dogs or UC3 yet, but given that UC3 just dropped to $19.99 last week(US/CND) due to the GOTY edition coming out in september.. which IMO comes with worthless addons (all multiplayer stuff) and will be $49.. hmm..

    I would go with UC3 – regular edition ๐Ÿ˜› or both since UC3 is so cheap now! lol

    Sleeping Dogs I have a feeling will be on sale pretty soon too. I'd be very surprised not to see it $29 or less by the time the holidays roll around – if not sooner since alot of other AAA titles are coming out soon too.

    I have my fingers crossed the same happens with Darksiders hehe.

  5. By the way, I’d really appreciate it if someone replied. Do you guys recommend Sleeping Dogs or Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception? How big is UC3?

  6. @2ply, well guess what. You are not the only one who had that problem. So, I came up with the solution. What I did was pre order the Collectors Edition of Darksiders II and the Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition of Borderlands 2. And I feel much better haha. That being said, I am nowhere near a rich or well established person, so I have been saving like crazy heh.
    And thanks a lot for the good words, I really appreciate it.

  7. I was stuck with the choice of Borderlands 2 or this, and chose Borderlands.. not sure if that was a wise decision or not yet lol (probably not but hopefully this goes on sale soon :P).

    Pretty nice icons man, I tried the bloodied look before – it’s a lot harder than it looks, and you pulled it off! Good job.

  8. @shadmeem , thanks a lot!!
    @Faxtron , DEATH LIVES 2012!!! This game entered my top 5 favourite games list. It is gorgeous in every aspect. Only problem I got is that it freezes while I try to read the book in the Arbiters Maze. Anyway, I saw your themes on YouTube and I can’t wait to use them!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Really good theme!, You actually put all the icons and this is the best theme i’ve seen in a long time. Thanks for the upload.

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