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Emergency program started…

-all systems off-line: waiting for reboot sequence.

Initializing recovery program…
-recovery program: ready.

Initializing power sources…
-primary source: no response.
-secondary source: ready.

Initializing brain functions…
-brain interface: no response.
-primary memories: no response.
-secondary memories: ready.
-internal language interpreter: no response.

Recovery program started…
-primary source: on-line.
-secondary source: on-line.
-brain interface: on-line.
-primary memories: on-line.
-secondary memories: on-line.
-internal language interpreter: on-line.

Recovery completed…

-all systems on-line: reboot sequence completed.

Closing recovery program…

Closing emergency program…

OPT-v2.0: ready.

“I… AM… BACK…”
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Hey, why the hell are we still talking here? There are three my new themes where we can talk 😀 Anyway… well, converting a psp theme on ps3 would be a big crap… first of all, I should enlarge the images from 480×272 to 1920×1080: in this case, each image would be similar to the smashed face of a zombie 😛 and the icons would be useless. Ok, listen, I was thinking another thing: in this site, we all have a profile, right? And this profile has a “personal mailing system”: maybe you could send me your stuff there (although… Read more »