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This theme is meant as a replacement. I never was happy with what was done on this particular theme. I have tweeked and fussed and done my homework with Gimp2. I generally use this theme as a day to day. I have updated all of the backgrounds and replaced many of the icons with ones I found looked best against the backdrops. This is the last time I will visit this particular theme package so I thought it best that I have the old theme replaced completely with this submission. Granted the last submission didn’t have a high download count, and I feel it was because it was sub par. Have a look at the improvements made. EVERY ICON is complete , including the pointer work.
Download Here
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mrj QQQ

This is rather professional , and this is part of MINE

mrj QQQ


mrj QQQ

@ Cathris1989 

I use this theme allot my sell. I bee boop between this one, GRIM and Green Lantern. Glad you are enjoying it.


Really like this theme. I will probably use it for my tomb raider anniversary wallpapers. Nice one!!

mrj QQQ

ya’ll know this is MINT?


Quality theme mate!