No Icon Theme

Theme by cobrasvt99

PS3 Theme Without Icon!

-Only unchangeable Icon Are In This Theme
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Thank you! I hate icons on anything. Computers, Cell phones, game consoles, whatever. If anyone wants to know how it works it is really simple. All you have is the words. No icons. So you can easily still tell where everything is at. I, pesonally, didn’t down load this for the background so I changed it. Looks wonderful now. Thanks, again.


for some reason this theme won’t install on my PS3. other themes work, but this one doesn’t even show up when i try to install it.


cool idea uninterrupted background picture !!!!

Cant rate it though ps3 wont let me.

Hopefully we will get a new browser with next update. Going to be a big update.


i have to say, this SO original. the words are still there, but no icons. this is the kind of thing i would put on if a five year old brother( not saying i have one) wanted to play the PS3. i would say this is new tech, but i don’t know them35h0pp3r means theme shopper. If you could make one in rainbow or green, that would make me happy. 4 out of 5 stars


I think it will show the writing for each one just no icon.


No icons? Really? hahaah briljant, but I won`t try it, so I`m not rating it either. How do you change the theme if you can`t see the icons?