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Cool Weed Theme I made
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best one ive seen so far much love for ya


+1, right on faxtron!.


I think the camuflage icons are better in white with the borders in green fluorescent. anyway I give you +1

Agree 100% I don’t smoke weed anymore but I don’t know why the weed is illegal if other drugs like cigarrets or alcohol are more harmful that the marihuana can be. Really this is something that I don’t understand.


awsome! i smoke for medicinal reasons because i get severe anxiety. it definitely helps me, ill take marijuana over pharmaceuticals any day, there is NO WAY you can die from n overdose on marijuana. yet alcohol can be just as dangerous as pharmaceuticals and you can go to a bar and drink yourself stupid without a dr’s note ‘recreationaly’ofcourse , then walk out of the bar and stumble to your car witch just so happens to be parked in a parking lot thats OWNED by the BAR, lol. …lol. anyway… i got nothing against drinking im just talking about the… Read more »


Hey, To anyone who wants to dislike, go ahead, but do me a favor, tell me why and what can i improve on this 🙂 thanks


nice love weed themes keep um coming