Naruto: 4th Hokage Animated Video HD&SD Theme

Theme by AgnosticGamer

4th Hokage theme based on the Glowball tutorial for adding video animation in a small window. This theme features two random video clips of the 4th Hokage vs. Madara or the 4th Hokage vs. Raikage each time it’s loaded. I wanted 3 random fight clips, but the pt3 file would’ve exceeded the limit size.

Why the 4th Hokage?

If you have to ask, then I suggest you read the Manga, watch the show, or better yet, ask somebody today!

I’m no fanboy, but this guy is amazing on the battlefield.

SD note:
Same theme as HD version except, I followed Glowballs instructions for SD animated windows by increasing the Z axis from 17 to 25. Tested on 2 different sized SD TVs.

I understand not everyone has a HDTV, so here you go.

Credit: Icons are from Alessandro Naruto themes, so thanks Alessandro.
Download Here (HD)
Download Here (SD)

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Great job! Please please do a kakashi vs obito theme. I bet the other people who comment would want this also but they commented 2 years ago so the fight wasnt made yet but im begging you to do one please!


yea wht u sed danny make 1 for sasuke hes more badass than naruto


do a theme for sasuke


can you please do another theme like this, maybe with Kakashi, Itachi or Mifune. This theme is freakin’ awesome! Great work and thanks!


WOW i love this theme your theme made me make a account for this site dude can you make a Soul Calibur Maxi one if not to much to ask ? but gratz dude massively!