The Legend of Dragoon HD

Theme by HollowBattousai

This theme’s icons are designed after the game’s logo, This theme took me a while to complete due to the lack of backgrounds. I had to re size and clean each background. This theme only works on HD displays.
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Keep making these awesome themes, Hollow. Could you possibly do a Class of Heroes theme?
Legend of Dragoon was an epic rpg, still love playing FF Origins though


Yeah, they don’t make games like these anymore, I feel like a lot of the RPGs of today lack content, I miss the days when we used to collect new weapons/gear as we progressed in the story. Also by collecting materials to make the strongest weapon in the game or by killing a certain boss to get it.


Damn it a lot of memories are flooding back to where i fought Divine Dragon without retrieving the Dragon Block Staff that suppose to lower its power & defense but it was easy to stay survive if you had that legend Casque, Armor of Legend, & Phantom Shield. I’ve fought so many battles and stock up gil to where i bought every character all 3 of those equipment and it wasn’t easy getting a lot of gil in battle and each of those 3 equipment cost about 10,000 gil.


Yeah I agree, Sony has a great game here and they need to bring it back this gen.


Hey bro it’s LP i made my account on here finally i love this game i beat it aleast 6 times i wish their was a HD remake or second one this game could easily top FF or KH or Tales i really want this to come back