Frkgamer23’s 2nd Crysis – HUD Green

Theme by OPTIMUS

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Hey, mate! Here is your theme!
(Sorry for the title, but when you told me that you finished the campaign, well… I don’t know why, but it exploded in my mind and never left me :P)

Ok, as I told you, I don’t have this game (and I never played it, of course) so I had to use my imagination…
As for the backgrounds, there were few images available and really suitable for a theme, so I could only use the best ones I found, and I created little artistic effects for some of them like smoke, dirt and other stuff like that…
Also, I made two versions of the theme.

So, we have:

6HD/SD backgrounds
Hand made icons
No sounds

Hope you like it!
(Anyway, if you prefer something more “traditional”, just let me know…)

Download Here

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cool theme OPTIMUS 5 stars