Spec Ops – The Line (HD only)

Theme by SoundOfDarkness

Finally a military shooter without unwanted patriotism, super-macho soldiers or standard “good vs. evil” story. I just finished that almost perfect game and I wanted to honor it with it’s own PS3 theme.
Like all my other themes with 16 HD only backgrounds, icons from the Army Theme V3 created by Matt Gladman (Hakk3r). The icons aren’t up-to-date, but that’ not really important for me, the most important icons are still there.
Download Here
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Cool theme. And I couldn’t agree with you more about Spec Ops being near perfect. A modern military shooter with one of the best stories I’ve seen, that rivas with the best in general.


I can’t wait to buy this game, its going to be fun playing this game and I am from Dubai & great job uploading XD