River Animated

Theme by Faxtron

PS3 River Animated with custom icons and original sounds. For the best experience possible use on this theme the background brightness -2 or -3. Theme Settings — Background — Brightness — “-2 or -3”. Like always for free 🙂 I recomend to play with the brighness because some themes looks better with different brightness settings.

Enjoy 🙂
Download Here


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Judging from the comments I guess I’ll just download it right away

still ballin

Im loving these animated themes. Been looking for a while for something like this for my PS3. Glad my cousin found and hooked me up!


hey faxtron can you or see if ur friends here do a rosario+vampire and/or sekirei dynamic themes with or w/o sounds both animes hv a huge fan base so ull get dwnloads i hope u cn help


how do you setup the ps3 to get the sound?

awesome look great imma download it straight away +1 🙂


your job is excelent thanks a lot!!


Big fan Faxtron thanks for all your theme’s i own about 90% of them…


Good one, Faxtron! +1!


amassing as ever 1+ can i ask can some one make a super futuristic dynamic theme with glowing blue sparks just asking cuz you guys are the best i understand if your to busy thanks loads enyways


river animated is great
my favorite theme you have
shared is sonic animated i always have it on when i
listen to music its really awesome ^_^
sonic dancing is the coolest animated theme
i have on my ps3 anyhoo i have a huge request
i know you have alot of themes your doing
however if you happen to have a bit of time
could you kindly make a Dinosaucers animated or
anything would be just awesome thank you 5/5
here a link of Dinosaucers cartoon show




awesome!! outstanding work


more relaxation themes!! 😀 😀 <3 😀 do beach waves and zen water themes too <3 😀 <3 😀 <3



: Oooh maaan… that’s veeery nice!

You did an outstanding job, my friend!
And you deserve a big, big, BIG +1! 😀


I figured as much. My son updated my PS3 to 3.56 (jackass, lol)


Thanks to all for your comments 🙂

: Ohh man thanks that words mean a lot to me for real. I am glad to know that are users like you so grateful for the work that is given here and not only for me for other theme makers on this site. Thanks bro 🙂

: Thats right for now there is no ‘official’ way to change the ‘unchangeable’ icons. 🙁 Only if you have total control of the console and is only possible with CFW. I know how to do it but you need a console with CFW.

chris redfield

Love this, very basic and very relaxing. Just the kind of theme I was looking for. + 1


Very nice theme +1


the sound in the preview is just to make it more lively Wolf.


ALRIGHT!! FAXTRON IS BACK!!!! Greatest Dynamic Themes Maker Ever! You ALWAYS!! get Great Quality from Faxtron.I have ALL Faxtron Dynamics,yes BIG! FAN! Be happy to see Naruto Shippuden ( This goes for anyone ) not hinting at this Faxtron.Oh by the way Wolf the sound is there to give the illusion of being on the river.Once again Faxtron you is platinum with dynamics.


I don’t have sound when I downloaded it, what gives?


nice and relaxing gr8 job 🙂


nice theme thanks +10


Great job as usual. +1. I will assume there is no ‘official’ way to change the ‘unchangeable’ icons.


is very relaxing… is crazy man, very nice …. good work dude =) +1


Nice Theme Bro! +1