Rise Of The Tomb Raider Dynamic Theme

Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

It’s official. Rise Of The Tomb Raider is coming to PS4.

I just felt like making a theme and this seemed appropriate.
Nothing crazy; some snow, waving clothes and hair, light and smoke effects from flare.
Made with Adobe Photoshop and DP Animation Maker. 1080p.
Repurposed icons from my Call Of Duty: Ghosts Dynamic Theme.

Thanks mr_foxx for the preview video.

Download Here


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Can you adjust it slower? I think it will make the fps smoother.

Kiryu Asamiya

¿Alguien que me diga, como le pongo una foto a mi perfil?

someone tell me how you do to put a picture to my profile?


any luck ultra?


yeah man, im a little worried it has been a while.
if i had money to kick around freely i would definitely fly out there, for real i would make time for it- no bullshit. not talkin out my ass.
concerned friend / short visit- type shit.

dont you wish things like that where more simple?
something as simple as shaking a friends hand or sharing a moment of conversation drinking a coffe or something without the exterior obstacles of time and cost.


– I was wondering about OPTIMUS too. He’s been away for too long. I’ll email him and see if I get a response.


caught this video on youtube, the very first thing that popped into my head based on the video its self was optimus, i hope it isnt grainey,
the song is ‘iron maiden / light speed’
watch it on the youtube app for HD quality.

missin ya man,


hey everyone!! can someone help me out?
i can use a mermaid theme for my little girl.
shes mermaid crazy right now lol.

any help would be much appreciated, thanks.


Thank You Ultra but it will be on Xbox 1 b4 it comes on PS4 so but rest assured i will be getting it & the goty edition of the 1st. Sweet graphics


im good with waiting for material if you want it to be more.


– I’m having a hard time finding pics that are worth making a theme out of aside from a basic slideshow. I know you wanted something more.


@Frott thank you for the ‘staff of herding’ i couldn’t imagine that you would need gear but if you are missing gems or test rings of any kind on the ps3 ver let me know, my characters are so over powered on stacked abilities i keep my witch doctor at 40% attack speed and my attacks at around 20 million, i try to tone it down to 20 like a high legit player because my stacks and creeping death based attacks are as if im hitting for way more, and if i do too much it freezes the game, im… Read more »


i know you didnt forget, im still excited, lol


Thanks a lot guys 🙂

– I didn’t forget about you.


Awesome job like always thanks. +1


Ultra- I think it might cause I remember when it was suppose to be an XBox exclusive the 360 was mentioned as well. Excellent theme by the way it really looks like a scene from the game.


great to see new themes, seems like it takes a while between uploads anymore- as expected- but damn- time seems to draaaag, lol, nice work as usual ultra. +1* as usual. lol 🙂


– Thank you. I hope you have a PS4. I don’t think this is coming to last-gen.


terrific work Ultra 🙂


AWESOME i can’t wait to play the videogame.