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4 artistic backgrounds (images from redfactionunderground.com and trucoteca.com) with totally hand made game style icons and original game sounds.

Red Faction: Guerrilla and respective logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of THQ Inc and Volition. All rights reserved.
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scacco matto

Nice theme, by the way, nice description, too. Good job.


Mmmm… complicated.
As I said, sometime I have the same problem (in fact 70+ icons are too much), so I stop for a while thinking what I wanna really do…
I had this problem: stopped for 2 months, revising all my ideas, then I started again and I’ve been able to finish the themes one by one. Great works come from great ideas, but every single idea must be tidy. So, take all the time you need, but stay focused.
I’ll wait here.


when i get into a certain theme it gets a bit…..boring after about 30 icons, i come up with a new idea, get excited, perfect an icon, use it as the basis fotr the rest of the icons………..get bored, go back to the previous theme again…ill hopefully have one finished by 2 weeks, i dont get much time to make them


Yep, it happens to me too…
In this case I usually save the new idea for later and concentrate my attention on the work I have to finish: better this way, don’t you think? However good for you, ’cause now I wanna
see both your themes uploaded! 😀


i started the theme again, got a good few icons done, and then thought of another super idea and got completely sidetracked, i hate when that happens, but their both lookin good so, what harm