Theme by mrj QQQ

This theme has 2 HD/SD backgrounds only because I am sure that everyone will have their favorite player and want the background to reflect such and so instead of having to cycle through 16 backgrounds I gave you two generic ones , you can add your own favorite player background on your own.

Complete set of custom game related Icons.

Download Here
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mrj QQQ

PM’d ya Led

Led Nightwing

Already did, now to change photo haha.

mrj QQQ

Thank guys ……Marvel eh ? (I can say eh cause I am Canadian)

mrj QQQ

@ Led Nightwing

Sign up dude!!!!, be a member , they don’t want much info ….you can sign up with PS3 you don’t need a computer


thanks guys ……Marvel eh? (and I can say eh cause I am Canadian)

I have a bunch of game pics , just felt it best to leave it up to the user

The Cult Of Personality

I think you & your themes are cool. Your never on but you still awesome. Froget the other guys. You know im a fan that will suport you & your themes! It seems as if you speak your mind here. Well thats what i did at 1st but pepole dont like that here. Its as if this is not tweeter (i dont do) this isint face book (i dont do) & this is not youtube ( i just watch) This site is serous. if you trash talk there themes ( i dont know if you have or not) they will… Read more »

Led Nightwing

yo Mr.QQQ
I like the icons (can vouch for the last 3 themes I downloaded off ya haha). The only gripe I have with this theme is, maybe 1-2 more pictures would’ve been better. Aside that your ps3 Icons are awesome since most uploaders use like PC-MAC icons lol

I look forward to more of your DC ( maybe Marvel?) ps3 themes in future ๐Ÿ™‚

mrj QQQ

My themes are never about the backgrounds they’re about the icon work. I have haters that see my name as designer and they automatically -1. To frail to leave comments , because then they would be exposed……..sad really.

The Cult Of Personality

Yo man why you got 2 diselikes? You made your self clear when you said only 2 backgrounds. What did some goof just download it & says “2 background! what a frken noob!” before even reading the discription? lol. Or did his figers slip? lol nice theme. +1