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PS4 XMB 2.0

Theme by akaBATTOUSAI

Theme based on the PS4 dynamic menu. This new version has two new backgrounds and improved sounds. Hope you like this one better. Enjoy!
Download Here

7 thoughts on “PS4 XMB 2.0

  1. Thanks so much for the theme!
    I really like it already [at the time of writing this comment, I’ve only just installed it]!

  2. Perfect! Just what I wanted! But please, include the PS4 default background, or make a link for it please. Thank you! Also, I wold like to notify you about someone stealing your theme name and putting it as 3.0 version…

  3. @akaBATTOUSAI
    I have no words to thank you ! you made ​​one of the most incredible themes for the PS3 I’ve ever seen ! I am using it with a Custom Wave ( Rainbow by @ b0rekid ) and the theme color set to blue , seriously I have never seen my PS3 so incredible !, thank you for sharing with the community !

  4. @akaBATTOUSAI – I hope you see this because I really want to know how you got these particular sounds so clear at 48000 Hz. I just couldn’t do it. Tons of white noise. I wanted to change the “system_ok” sound, but thank goodness you made these. I will be using them πŸ™‚

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