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This is the basic UGC them if you would like your own name on the side of the G36C im affraid im charging £5 not sure what that is it dollars as you will already have the theme all i would need to do is place your name on the side of the G36C and send you the wallpaper.
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not 5 euro, but 5 FREAKING POUND, google pound in euro or pound in dollar, the pound is more then the euro, 1 euro is like 2.5 dollar and 1 poud (1 GBP) is like 2.5 euro, so THIS dufes is trying to get rich or die trying, haha, smugh, you dont know, they can take yo’ sh*t and add it so that it FITS THEM… haha, you dont know programmers huh? HEY EVERYBODY I SUGGEST WE ALL TAKE HIS FILE AND MAKE IT TO SUIT OUR WILL, he stole the bullet from xx-german-xx91, ANYWAY, i know i will take… Read more »


Nice Theme!


My gamer tag, Alpha_of_Pack. How u gonna fit dat on da weapon? And how u taking payments?


LOL ?!
You’re stupid ?!
U steal again my bullet icons and wirte not
my autor name in ur description!!!
1* AGAIN!!!

And u will take 5€ for this little bit work ???