Playstation Unlimited 2.50 v2

Theme by Zooism

V2 2.50 new video & trophy icon requested by “awsomonium” all credit to zooism. i (Montage Mik) updated by request.
Download Here

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love the game!..
but that controler that u put is bad… better put other 1….

Montage Mik

to darkobeej,
ZOOISM just added playstation unlimited 3,
Ask him why he used that joypad.

Montage Mik

No idea darkoBeej , i only made,video, trophy, video settings,& powersave settings icons for .50 update . All other icons by zooism Not me.


why would you put that stupid controller in there?

Montage Mik

Think you’ve used wrong preview image, correct image should show ” V2 2.50 trophy, powersave & vid setting icon”