Monkey Island theme

Theme by Billlop

Hey guys, well ive been searching high and low for a Monkey Island theme and i couldnt find one! So i decided to create one. It has full sounds and full icons. Enjoy!
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Thanks for sharing Billlop.


Nevermind my comment… I’m reading F-Rott’s tutorial right now! ^^


Hey! I’ve been searching everywhere and I don’t seem to find a nice answer. When you say: “Full Sounds”, you mean that you were able to put the sounds that you wanted on the theme, right? I am trying a long time to put nice sounds in my themes, however everytime I put one they get “accelerated” in PS3 and the sound gets weird. Is there a correct amount of time for the .vag archives so they don’t get accelerated on the PS3 or your using a specific program for the theme construction? I’m using the PS3 Theme Builder by… Read more »


Never heard of “Monkey Island” but cool theme.