Naughty Bear Dynamic

Theme by GlowBall

Finally completed! This dynamic theme took me about 20-30 hours to complete as I had to not only decode the script file but work out which moving parts were which. I then edited the positions, directions, size and speed of each moving part. I take pride in this theme especially the part where naughty pops up and down. Why pay 1.99/2.99 for a dynamic theme when you can enjoy this for free. If you like it tell me, if not tell me why?
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thanks i’ve been waiting for sum one to do a naughty bear theme for a while


The bear appears to have some saggy tits. although its awecome.


Glad you like the theme guys I have just uploaded this

Super cool 🙂


I have to say you took great use of the tools and I’ve wanted this for a long time. Great theme. To the community, I am them35h0pp3r but I forgot my password and am now gamerlingo.


Very impressive theme, GlowBall. 5 stars!



Your right that it is a bit like little big planet theme. I want to use 3D type .edge files in my future themes, I have the tools just need more knowledge

Good, I’ll be waiting! 😉



Because you asked so nicely lol 🙂

here is a link for a tutorial on how to edit the script for prince of persia’s .edge files.

DDS are the images. EDGE is the shape of the image and JSX is the script for the movement of the EDGE.

So with this themes are advanced and smoke is history 🙂


man your icons let this badass theme down, love the background and appreciate the work that must have gone into it, you say 20-30 hours WOW!! but why only 20-30 seconds on the icon?


Can you give me the DDS files or tutorial to the topic with the animation? It just tires make themes with smoke xD


great theme! if your into basketball. a dynamic basketball theme would be BALLIN



Working on Saints Row 3 dynamic next (not moving smoke lol)


Thanks :).


Your right that it is a bit like little big planet theme. I want to use 3D type .edge files in my future themes, I have the tools just need more knowledge 🙂


Reeeeally nice!

Only thing is that (and it doesn’t wanna be a useless criticism) the spinning ball with the trees and bears on it, reminds me too much the Little Big Planet theme… 😛
But I know the dynamic editor’s effects are quite limited, so… never mind: you did a great job, mate! 😀


you got to email me the DDS & THEME file for this one lol


love this one !!! great job GlowBall


all that work payed off quite beautiful :D. i have a desperate request …. if its possible for u to make a DECENT catherine dynamic and a bayonetta dynamic theme? 🙂 no one made a bayonetta dynamic theme yet and someone did a shitty catherine dynamic theme. ive been asking some other makers like u the same request 🙁 keep it up tho 🙂 😀 we desperatly need better looking and working themes like urs 😀 😀 ty so very much <3


Here is a video link

Enjoy! 🙂


Very nice theme! 🙂


Nice background 😀 but only the top row has custom icons :(, you are completely right those themes are overpriced.