Dynamic PS3 Dance Theme

Theme by E-clipZe

Dynamic Theme with dynamic smoke, a very nice background, and a dynamic PS3 Logo on the right.

Icons from: Neon Theme v1.0 (Made by Street_Magic)
Download Here

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Can anyone make a sprial ball in the background


ah how do you download the dance theme??


You know what Dynamic you two need to try and make? The ones like Heavy Rain, and The Matrix Dynamic Themes. I like those better then Smoke & Spinning balls.


hey optimus
sorry for the late reaction but im on vacation in Belgium πŸ™‚
i dont have access to internet all the time so… but i’ve seen my other themes are allready online now so i think you have seen which icons i mean πŸ™‚
great icons btw πŸ˜€


Lol! Yeah, you’re right: there’s always smoke, or spinning balls, or stuff like that… That’s because the editor’s effects are quite limited and there’s not much to do. Well, looks like GlowBall’s managed to modify the scripts values in order to get new effects, but basically the effects are only the same ones already available with the editor, so I doubt it can be done more than that… oh well, we’ll see πŸ˜‰ So, you’re making a new theme with my icons…? Wow, thanks mate! πŸ˜€ But… which ones? I made tons of icons since the day I joined this… Read more »


Thnx! πŸ™‚ im getting a bit tired of the moving smoke in every theme so i got some other a little bit more creative themes coming up and i used ur icons for them, which i will mention in the description of course, the themes should be online soon, check em out πŸ™‚


Nice one, mate! πŸ˜€


Yes lol


does the smoke move