Mortal Kombat II

Theme by Dennis “F-Rott” Ferrand

Mortal Kombat II Theme
11 Backgrounds
5 Custom Sounds
3.41 Custom Icons

Went back and updated my old Mortal Kombat II Theme to be compliant with the latest firmware updates. While I was at it, I updated the Row Icons.
Download Here

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Never mind guys, i got it to work. I had right click and tried to save it, and thats the wrong way. U just click the download link instead lol. But how can you get the sounds for the dynamic themes?


Hey after i downloaded this theme and the mortal kombat dynamic theme. When i go to my themes settings, it says “file corrupted”. Why these themes have that by them? I tryed to re-download them, and the same msg “file corrupted” is by them. Can someone help?

Luis Romero

every time i try to download the theme, appears a page telling error. can someone tell me if someone else is having this problem with this theme?


lol, the fact I “wired” the panel on my predator theme pissed me off the most, i’ll have to fix it, the themes barely a week old! even though i hate re-doing this stuff, it can be quite time consuming in the long run, especially when your competer runs like an old lawnmower.


I don’t even know the mods here. I just don’t cause drama and I post themes. When someone says something derogative to try and make me feel small, really I don’t care. I run a restaurant and have 4 kids and a wife. I don’t care what someone on the internet thinks. I would like to thank Montage Mik for the “icon_video_upload” update, though. Works like a charm, and I’ve already uploaded my new Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor Underground themes with it added. They also changed the size of the Info Panel in the upper right corner… Read more »


you know montage had a comment in there, i was talking to him, erm, actually i think he was talking to me! lol, but f-rott, i do exactly the same! what you see is what you get, how would you feel if i accused you of, boosting, boosting aniom themes! sabotaging my scores, you and optimus having peference from the mods, the list goes on, without a shred of proof, or motive. its exactly the same thing except…..i’m not accusing you! why would I. and i know you and optimus have been friends a long time, longer than me! he… Read more »


All I know is I live in Fort Dodge, make Themes on my little laptop of things I enjoy, then upload them wherever I can. It’s nice to get good ratings, but really overall, I just want to share my themes and keep improving on my PhotoShop skills.


for someone who introduced me to the word thread hijacking, you have an amazing way of contradicting yourself


Wow can’t believe some people! I for one don’t make themes but appreciate the time and effort that people like yourselves put into them. Keep em coming and forget about Spinky he is just another internet douchebag!


This theme is APPROVED.


Holy words, bro! Hoooooooly words…


i do and dont care about ratings really, because most ppl will like a theme and not take any time to rate it, most of the people who do rate either appreciate the work you do or are just there to f**k around give it a lower mark because it makes them feel special. they try to ruine someones else day to make there pathetic life seem less pathetic.

Very good theme, takes me back to when i was at school ๐Ÿ™‚


Lol! Yeah, as you did with M.M. I suppose…
Ok, Master “Yogo-san”: I’ll follow your path.
Let’s have fun! ๐Ÿ˜€


thats true, but this is the type of troll who simply goes away when you ignore him, nobody cares about him, he’s just looking for attention, with retarded comments like that, he’s obviously just trying to get a rise out of you. i swear every forum of every website in existence has one of these guys. you know that yourself. its just a stupid 10 year old with too much time on his hands. i shouldn’t have to tell you this OPTIMUS ๐Ÿ˜€ lets just laugh at him, usually what happens next is all the regulars turn against him and… Read more »


Yeah, I know, but it’s a matter of principle: you and I do not care about ratings, but many others do… –Dahl was very delighted when he managed to overcome even Aniom with his “simple” Random theme. –Droopysp would like to reach our level: ok, we explained him there’s no need, but if he still wanted to reach that level, well… he may succeed also thanks to the votes. –Jason2590 has just debuted with his Babes#2 theme ’cause I gave him permission to use my icons, but that damn Spinky told him “I would rate it 5 stars, but since… Read more »


i dont care how anyone rates my themes anymore, its just not worth the trouble, for someone else to go out of there way to lower ratings is counter productive, and really there is only one loser when it gets to that stage.


Hey Yogosan, welcome back! Yep, IDIOT is the first definition I thought: you’ve read my mind… ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, you’re right and I don’t care about that guy, but what I really cannot stand is that this Spinky-f*cking-whatever his name is (popped out of nowhere the other day in F-Rott’s MK theme insulting me and Reeves without reason…) enjoys to lower the rating of the themes made by users who have to do with me somehow: it already happened to Jason2590 and it could happen to you, F-Rott, Dahl, Droopysp or anyone else. I start thinking that he might even be… Read more »


the internets brings out the worst in people, especially children, hiding behind their computers makes them feell macho. definitely the type of child you should ignore OPTIMUS. it’s fair tpo say everyone who sees that comment will know what at an absolute idiot this guy is


Listen, Spinky_Whatever your name is, I don’t know who you are and what the hell you want from me, but I’m already tired of hearing your bullshits! Instead of coming into the site just to insult me or someone else in every theme that has to do with me, why don’t you use your “skills” to start making some theme and stop bothering people?


good theme, glad you covered all icons and everything else. keep it up, and f**k you optimus


That’s weird! On June 20 new themes have been uploaded and now other themes already???
It seems to me there’s something wrong… O_o

However, great MK theme again!