15th Anniversary

Theme by Sony

The Official PS3 15th Anniversary Theme from the PlayStation network

I Take no credit for this just uploading this for you to enjoy

Download Here

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This is also missing from my download list and transaction history, so PS customer support believed I never had this theme. Thankfully this website has it.


i had this theme as my ps3 background but i havent been able to find it anymore on the psn. Do any of you know how i can get it again?


wow yh memories i was a year old when the first ps console arrive

PSN: Wweryan

ya do know this theme is free in the playstation store. thats where i got myne. why get it here? and btw add me on ps3 is u want


Isn’t that Rokoqc’s 15? Or did he just steal it?


Aaaah, memories… thanks a lot, bro!!! ๐Ÿ˜€