Lords of The Ring Sauron The Dark Lord

Theme by DenisNinja

updated with the final version with fixes and improved with my ultimate quality with new best icons and wallpapers !

This theme has 15 random wallpapers only for HD screens 720p or 1080p with HDMI cable, download today this TOP PS3 theme, made by me DenisNinja, this theme was created with tools 100% from SONY and 100% safe for use on your PS3, for anyone who is fan of lord of the Rings, top quality 100%, enjoy and thank you, I’m from BRAZIL.
Download Here

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I updated and improved my theme for me today 05/03/2014, anyone who wants to download my special Sauron Theme link below, this version is very different from the PS3THEME site



I will always update my theme for me in a better version and then I’ll put it on this link MediaFire 21mb