Tomb Raider 2012 HD

Theme by JAREDForesaid

version 1.2 of this theme. I have saved 5 of the BEST backgrounds instead of the 15. So now your PS3 can rock the Tomb raider theme in style. hope you like it! Enjoy!

-5 HD backgrounds
-based of the new highly anticipated Tomb raider game coming out in 2013
-Only for HD TV’s
-Completely themed out except for sounds. i made the icons myself!

alright ima go now, tell me what you think! thanks
Download Here

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Cancel my last coment. I figured it out, I just needed to adjust my display settings. Thanks for the awesome theme.


Really nice theme, but for some reason the picture doesn’t show up when I apply it. ONLY the ICONS work. 🙁 Anyone know why I’m having this problem?




Nice bgs and icons. I wanted something like that to get the ps3 in the mood to play Tomb Raider. And the game is awesome! Can’t stop exploring =]


Nice theme man 🙂 can’t wait for the game. I have just finished my dynamic slideshow to this game though some images are the same so I will have to adjust/change them now lol


Good work bro, awsome nailing the shipwreck theme Lara And Nathen Drake should be a cameo.

Daffy Dilly

Been looking for a theme with the new game/Laura Croft. I must admit this one is pretty good


follow on twitter! same as my user name and thanks enoy it please haha


This theme is really very koOl!!!


Wow! great theme i’ve been waiting for this theme.