Killzone Blood Dynamic Theme

Theme by Faxtron

Dynamic Theme with one backgrown.The originality was created by uLtRaMa6nEt1c and the concept snow falls by Glowball thanks to this guys for the overall idea that inspired me to make it possible.

Thanks to :

1. Glowball again for tutorial and all the help that he gave me in modification of position of .jsx script pop_logo.
2.zembor0 for give us the tool : Dynamic Theme Editor.

For all Killzone fans.

enjoy !
Download Here

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Thanks ! Here are another download for Killzone Blood (Without blood animation) :


Now that is a great theme. I’m really enjoying it. I’m a fan of KILLZONE and have been since it’s release on PlayStation2. Though KILLZONE3 (sorry KILLZONE1.5) was an enormous let down. I am still a fan of the series. Thanks for the awsome theme.


Very nice love the icons 🙂