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This theme is brought to you by: HollowBattousai & KillaCams- 10

This theme comes with 16 HD/SD Backgrounds (HD: 1920 x 1080 & SD: 640 x 480 ). For the best experience possible please drop the backgrounds brightness. Theme Settings > Background > Brightness > I recommend -2 or -3.
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No problem 😀


Thanks for the shout out Hollow, pleasure working with you. Love this anime and theme. Hope you all enjoy it. More themes to come.


right now I’m updating the saint seiya the lost canvas theme I made a while ago, its getting new backgrounds and re-designed icons. after that I’m going to finish a few requests I had for a little while. Ah my Goddess theme, Bleach Rukia theme. Outlaw Star theme and a kaze no stigma theme.


@hallow. its not a bad thing or nothing. love the series and cant wait 4 more.
mind me asking wats the next theme on ur list?


@3 I understand, this anime has lots of fan service XD so 99.9% of the backgrounds out there are like these.


Thank you everyone, this one took a little while to complete but with the help of my friend KillaCams- 10 it was possible. I’m working more themes so they should be up soon. once again thank you everyone for your support.


niiice been waiting for another anime theme XD
though i probably wont be able to put it up in the house >.> anyway nice job


Good Job here ! I like the anime series a lot thanks for sharing this to us.


NICE!!! I <3 High School of The Dead!!! Good job on the theme!