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Theme by uLtRaMa6nEt1c

Updated version of KILLZONE 3 Cover Dynamic Theme
(2 Backgrounds, Custom Icons, I made the snow finer, other major and minor changes).
Credit to Bastart and quiquerivera for the sounds
Download Here

72 thoughts on “KILLZONE 3 Cover MDT

  1. For others that follow this conversation remember the anim_1 to put in the USB for using with USB Raf loader.p3t for testing purpose in the PS3 is the anim_1 that you find in : Dimamyc Theme Editor/ Theme Files /Prince of Persia/ anim_1

    Once you encoded the .jsx again and input the .jsx with winhex in the anim_1 and create and save the file you modify in winhex save it in : Dimamyc Theme Editor/ Original anim_1 /Prince of Persia/ anim_1 and replace the existing file with the modify anim_1 then run the dynamic theme editor like always you do. Went it finish the process the file to test is in Dimamyc Theme Editor/ Theme Files /Prince of Persia/ anim_1.jpg you can use the .p3t file but if you only want to test the anim_1 because you dont want to install the new .p3t this is the solution for test the file with USB Raf Loader.

    I have some prolems with the animation in the script, the animation is not like I want yet. This process Its not easy but not imposible. The problem is that the process is an ” try and fail method” affter sucefully get the animation correctly. Dont worry with more time I will get it. Went I get the animation I want I will explain what I edit in the .jsx script for everyone understand the process better.

  2. I had mine jailbroken then my son updated it like a dick (lol). So i’m gonna have to fully compile my theme everytime I wanna test it – that’s gonna suck.

  3. No, USB Raf Loader only works in PS3 with CFW. Its the only problem with this wonderful tool only PS3 with CFWs can use it. And thanks ultrama6net1c for giving me the opportunity to edit this piece of art you’ve created.

  4. I was asking if it was this theme because I initially had a problem editing the anim_1 for this theme but your info has helped a lot. I have no problem with u editing this. Upload it when u finish.
    Can I use the RAF Loader on a non-jailbroken PS3?

  5. Tip :
    Use USB RAF LOADER.P3t went finish and complete editing your anim_1.jpg first before you create the final .p3t in Dynamic theme Editor. This Raf loader is for test the anim_1.p3t in the ps3 before you create the final .p3t. Only you have to rename the anim_1.jpg you edit to loadme.fu and put this file in a USB then install the USB RAF LOADER.p3t in the PS3 and run the theme you installed USB RAF Loader with your USB conected in the PS3. Its a good tool for testing the anim_1.jpg. its finally the anim_1 looks like you want complete the process with the Dynamic theme editor and create the final .p3t.

  6. Sorry for my bad english this is not my firt language. I hope you understand what I said. And yes I am editing this dynamic theme because I really like it. You have done great job here.

  7. Im editing this theme because i like youre work alot. I only change in the script the aspect of the snow and other minor changes. I want the snow falling not in circle. Dont worry its youre creation and I’ll keep the credits. If you have any problem with this let me know and I will stop editing youre creation.

  8. Sorry guys I said something confusing :

    Once you edited the script .jsx you have to put it back in the anim_1.jpg for this you have to open the anim_1 that is in the dynamic theme editor :” Dimamyc Theme Editor/ Original anim_1 /Prince of Persia/ anim_1″ open that anim_1 and incert the .jsx edited with winhex and then save the file. After that you can continue the process with dynamic theme editor like always you do.

    If you find you do not understand even waiting a few days l will prepare a full tutorial about this.

    thanks Glowball for nothing…….I told you I will do it.

  9. Well i finally put everything back and create the new dynamic theme but I have some problems with the animation in the PS3 the animation dont look like I want yet. So I have to make some changes and adjustments to the script again. But guys finally i made it. I very tired right now so I will continue with this tomorrow if I have time. when get the expected result in the theme I will post a video and download for it. And of course the complete tutorial for this process.

    “Once the file its created with winhex you have to compress again using simplyzip for thouse are asking how to finally compress the file, then use this file edited with the dynamic theme editor.

  10. Extract this theme and look for the part in the XML file that starts and ends with ‘setable’. That and everything in between is what you need to add to your XML file if it’s not already there.
    Sorry for any confusion.

  11. ok. I’m home now.

    {This is if you want to add your own sounds}
    To put sounds in your themes you will need MFAudio. If you have PS3 Theme Builder installed on your PC you can find it in the PS3 Theme Builder Program Files, otherwise search Google for MFAudio 1.1. I use Goldwave to edit audio files. Once you finish editing them use MFAudio to convert them to .vag files.

    There are 5 sounds you can use/create:
    1. optionmenu (accessing infobar on right side)
    2. decide (accessing sub-menus)
    3. cursor (shuffling thru XMB or typing)
    4. cancel (backing out of sub-menus or choosing ‘no’)
    5. system ok (when you choose ‘yes’)

    Alternatively you can use sounds from other themes (as I did, but I made them louder and equalized with Goldwave). Extract a theme with sounds with p3textractor and find the .vag files in the folder. They will have names like ‘se_optionmenu_1.vag’, ‘se_optionmenu_2.vag’, ‘se_decide_1.vag’, ‘se_decide_2.vag’ and so on. Each of the 5 sounds has to have a copy. You don’t have to use all of the sounds, but the ones you use have to have a copy to act as left and right.

    Place the .vag files in your theme folder. Now you have to edit the XML file in notepad. The lines that deal with sounds are as follows:

    Put your XML file in the p3tcompiler and there you have it.

  12. sorry for the late reply. i just started a new job.
    i’m at work right now so this info may b incorrect. in the ps3compiler folder there’s a program called mfaudio (i think that’s name). it converts .wav to .vag. i use Goldwave to edit .wav files. The sounds have to b short though. once u do that you put your .vag files in the folder with your theme icons then edit the portion of the xml file in the same folder in notepad. you can use the xml file from this theme as a reference. there are 5 sounds u can edit in the section. i think they are called ‘ok’, options menu’, ‘cancel’, ‘cursor’, and i can’t remember the other one at the moment. you’ll see it in the xml file. i think each sound has a left and right, so u copy each file and append a ‘1’ and ‘2’ to each. for example ‘cancel1’ ‘cancel2’. you’ll see it in the xml file. i’m trying to remember it off the top of my head so this may not be accurate. let me know.

    Thanks STAR and thanks to Glowball and Onvi for the help and the info.

  13. This guy think its the only man on earth with this info. but are wrong he think he is the last “Coca-Cola” on desert and its wrong to. I register here for help others and make public my work and I will do it. And I take the time to reply in this chat because I saw that this guy dont be honest here and bring hints and half of the information and of course incomplete information.

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