Grand Theft Auto V Artworks

Theme by xSpookyz

Unofficial Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Theme featuring official game artworks from Rockstar Games. Includes all 8 currently available artworks by Rockstar games.

Optimized for both HD and SD.

XMB icons belongs to user craedeke’s theme @

I will be updating this theme as new artworks are released by Rockstar Games.
Download Here

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I think it is outdated now, sigh…


Could you use the 3 protagonists artwork for a whole new theme? You can call it The Crew (GTAV)


same here everyone.


I love this theme and all the icons are textured. “ALL” even “Saved Data Utilitys (minis/PSP™ & Chat Room (Text Only)” This is the first great GTA theme I ever had downloaded.


Awesome theme, perfect icons to match the logo. I love this artwork, so colorful and vibrant, just pops off the screen in hd. I can’t wait for this game. I really hope they bring back the leveling system from San Andreas and improve it a bit. San Andreas is still my favorite game in the GTA series, so far.This is a game i will be preordering for sure, and i haven’t preordered a game since Skyrim. Thanks for the theme, +1.