Madison Paige Heavy Rain Shower Scene

Theme by Matrix21

This theme is dedicated to the shower scene invloving the lovely Madison Paige from the game, Heavy Rain, it’s to do with gaming, but since there is nudity in it, I decided to put it into girls/adult section just in case, this theme uses icons from Dead or Alive 5 CES wimsuits by, Phazon Upsilon, hope it’s ok to use them. Hope you guys like it.
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love it


Matrix i totally love this can you be able to do a Vanilla Deville theme, she is soooo hot & a Dani Jensen theme too ๐Ÿ™‚

cody simmons



true i could go that route ….. IF I NEVER WANNA PLAY DISC-BASED GAMES ONLINE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had it happen with my last ps3 after replacement i would try to play a game online and the damn thing go stuck on stupid it would just sit there so yeah my only hope would be yet another ps3 as if i was made of money and can afford to keep buyin new ones all the time


: that sucks man, you can buy a replacement bluray drive for your ps3 on ebay. they sell them for the price of $60+. I replaced one a while back and I had no problems till this day.


ur only right to the sense that i cant play disc games anyway cuz someone broke the drive whn he thru my ps3 out my bathroom window in a burglury attempt last year so now im reduced to psn titles only


Maybe he would rather download the game to his PS3’s HDD instead of having the physical disc. idk


heavy rain is for ps3 dude


wait did u say heavy rain??? love that game i just hate that its not a psn title ๐Ÿ™ then again theres a few other games i wish were too