Gran Turismo Slide Show

Theme by GlowBall

A theme that changes between the 8 backgrounds automaticly without rebooting the XMB or pressing any buttons. The timing between each image changing is 8 seconds. This will be a new way of creating themes and I will do a tutorial on how I done this soon. Icons from alba’s GT5 theme (I added the missing ones for 3.70). Hope you like it Let me know if you think 8 seconds is too long or not πŸ™‚
Download Here
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I used the updated tutorial and I got it.
Now I need to edit some backgrounds that look good and put the icons. Thanks for everything Glowball! πŸ™‚


I’ve been watching and when attempting to enter the raf_geom gave me an error and the file was not created.
I will follow the new tutorial and create it on the desktop so do not have space and taste.

Thks Glowball πŸ™‚


i mean make not male lol


Ok here is my first video tutorial i hope it will u helps to male own dynamic themes (slideshows) πŸ˜‰ Tutorial:


Also I have updated my SlideShow files so there is no error with the p3tcompiler.exe. I have included the new 3.70 minis icon as a sorry πŸ™‚


Okay guys slighty updated my tutorial here

You cannot use my files or the toolchain if the directory you installed to has spaces in.

@ charli_el_

Follow my updated tutorial. If you stiil cannot create it upload your .js and .xml and I will take a look.


I followed the tutorial and like many, I do not see the file that should appear but if I get the tmp. The theme has 9 backgrounds. I tried to drag to the bin folder Slideshow.xml (says 1Men) and copy the necessary files and drag it to rafcompiler.exe SlideShow copied to the folder that but nothing, I don’t get the file …