Gran Turismo 5 #3

Theme by Paul Prozee

Gran Turismo 5 theme.
16 backgrounds, custom icons and main menu icons captured from the game GT5 itself.
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If you want to see a Youtube movie about this theme then please have a look at:

Kind regards,


WOW, I did notice it too….. ! (thanks Latetzki) Here is what happened. I did not screen capture those backgrounds. I took a few from the official promoters websites, and I got 6 backgrounds from a friend. Not blaming him here, but I should have checked it better. I will make a renewed version soon with screenshots of the game all captured by me playing the game. That way it cannot go wrong with the backgrounds. If people really are not ok with the theme like it is then I will delete it. (I don’t think that GT5 should get… Read more »


Good eye dude I didn’t notice until I saw your comment, if you look closely at the Lotus on the front of the car you’ll see a decal that say’s I can’t believe that lol.



That looks like NFS Shift :S