God of War collection #3

Theme by JKX13

my very own first custom PS3 Theme of God of War i hope you guys like it. it has 12 backgrounds in both HD and SD formats ,and special thanks to NJ/Sony for the icons from his theme God of War: Chains of Olympus Official Theme
Download Here

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it would be rather satisfying if there was a plethora of hd themes in multiple categories. Nontheless,the site is superb and well organised


Any news on the PSPgo icon yet JKX13 ?


Hi JKX13 , thanks about trying the PSP GO thing for me. I have a post about this in the THEMES FORUM. I’m unsure about this icon – My next theme “Modern Warfare 2 mt” also contains this “PSP go” icon & included “Media_GO” it’s same icon but i’m unsure of the correct codename for it. If it doesn’t show on assassins creed 2 theme it may show in Modern Warfare mt coming soon. And yes Please feel free to use my 3.15 icons that was part of the reason i posted it so others could get up to date… Read more »


Hey Sorry JKX13, meant no offence – I LIKE the theme i was just giving feedback.
If you let me know which builder you use i may be able to help with adding icons & such.

At least you showed the icons on the preview ,many people don’t bother.
Will try help if i can.


well im sorry but as i say in the description it is the first theme i ever made so i dont have to much knowledge of the tool i used and i used the icons of a friend of mine but as soon as i get a little more practice i´ll post a better version


I’d use this if it had current firmware icons,
the chat setting icon changed a while back & more icons have been added to the PS3 since then.

out of date but Still nice though.


Thanks for sharing.