Killzone 3 #5

Theme by Yogosan

Theme based on the game Killzone 3. Contains 5 HD & SD backgrounds, custom icons, Enjoy!!

Download Here

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Hey, Yogosan, I’ve finished Dead Space 2! Well, despite what I told you, the game’s good enough: although the fact remains that it’s practically a “copy” of the prequel, the plot is ok and the gameplay too. Anyway, what really excited me much, has been the final part of the game: it’s veeery long and hard… If the whole game was like that, I think it would have been a masterpiece! However, it is worth playing it. (Well, let’s say that I wasted only half of my money… :P) Tell me, are you finishing some other great theme? I’m still… Read more »


I have Dead Space 2, beat it great game IMO. I like it better than the 1st, also great theme YOGOSAN definitely best KZ3 theme. 🙂


thanks jim!


i can test it myself on the 26th anyway,i’ll see for myself, although what you just mentioned sounds like it could be right, the demo had nothing new at all. i just presumed there would be alot more in the actual game


yogosan: thanks monkey, coincidently, san is japanese for master…i think! Precisely! So… you, guys, can call him “Master Yogo”! 😉 Hey, Yogosan! Your Dead Space 2 theme made me want to buy the game. So, last week I bought it, I’m playing it and… you know what? I think it’s been a waste of money! Sheesh, I don’t know if it was intentional (and I don’t really think so) but the game practically seems the clone of itself: it has nothing really new (except the place where it is set, of course), everything looks similar to the prequel, same weapons,… Read more »


best KZ3 Theme Thus Far


thanks monkey, coincidently, san is japanese for master…i think!


Yogosan, u r the master my friend


No, I pretty sure it will & you don’t. I googled it


your life will not continue, for i control time and space 8)


I could care less what he does. My life will continue on. LOL


correct optimus
it’s HIS vision, HIS theme
we should all be happy that yogosan made a kz3 theme in the first place


Hey, Yogosan! You see? That’s what happens when you use all the red paint for a theme like God of War III… 😀
(BTW: great “Yogo-Kill-san-zone” icon, mate! Very original!)

C’mon, guys, are you serious? The images of a theme do not necessarily need to be identical to the game which they relate.
Have you ever heard of “free interpretation”? I mean: icons are made of metal, so… the red colour wouldn’t be much coherent with the theme’s style.


thanks man, that means alot to me, certainly doesnt look like i’m finished theming yet



Great job, man. You’re one of the best!


well, i like it, so i’m happy!


great theme but like some said above missing red also i think 2 of the backgrounds are them same though they could be different i can’t tell cause of the grey. still a great theme. love the icons


there is something missing i dont know maybe its the color red like the 7th comment mentioned but it doesnt feel like a killzone theme


sorry dude, i ran out of red paint

PS3 Theme Critic

Where’s the color(RED) in this theme? Im sorry but this isn’t a Killzone 3 theme, its a grey theme. I will say tho that the icons are pretty nice but the wallpaper is to dark i can barely see anything on them and i have my background light on normal!?! Overall i give this a 3 out of 5.


😮 great theme again 5 * mate


Really nice theme Yogosan…………….!


Yeeeaaah! Yogosan strikes back!
Great work, my friend!


KZ3 is the bes FPS period. yea I said it so sue mee


ok yogo man i know you are too busy to take any requests, but man when u get the opportunity could u make a walking dead theme. 1st season comes out on blu today (i’m gettin it).


oh man that looks sick!

will have to dl tonight after work
keep pumping out the AAA themes bro